26th  Falgun 1957 Bikram Sambat (10 March, 1901 AD) saw the birth of one of the greatest sons of Nepal, Rudra Raj Pande. Born in Pyukha Tole in Kathmandu, commonly remembered by most of the Nepalese as the First novelist in the Nepali language, the author of Roopmati, Rudra Raj Pande was a man of multiple virtues, a man of vision. His life long contribution in the field of Nepali literature, education, culture, spirituality and above all, in the administrative management of the highest seat of learning has been a source of inspiration to many. 

On 26th Falgun, 2059BS (10th March, 2003AD), on the occasion of his 103rd anniversary, Sardar Rudra Raj Pande is remembered for his contribution to our nation, Nepal. This website, launched on this day, tries to summarize the life of one of the greatest son of this soil, Sardar Rudra Raj Pande.


र्सदार रुद्रराज पाण्डे शताब्दीस्मृति
स जातो येन जातेन
सरदार रुद्रराज पाण्डे
सरदार रुद्रराज पाण्डेजीको रुपमतीमा पाइने आदर्श पक्ष
एउटा प्रेरक व्यक्तित्वः सरदार वाजे
सरदार रुद्रराज पाण्डे
राष्ट्रप्रेमी स्व. रुद्रराज पाण्डे
Sardar Rudra Raj Pande: The Man and his Image
सरदार रुद्रराजको देन
रुद्रराजको भाषा र साहित्य सेवा
सरदार पाण्डे र रुपमती
सरदार रुद्रराज पाण्डेः एक संम्मरण
भाषा र साहित्यमा स्व.सरदार रुद्रराज पाण्डे को योगदान 
सरदार रुद्रराज पाण्डेः श्रद्घाञ्जली

His Works

  • 1924 (B.S. 1981) Professor in History in Tri-Chandra College

  • 1925 Head Master of Darbar School

  • Setting up S.L.C. Examination Board and conducting SLC Examination in Nepal for the first time

  • 1934AD Organization of volunteers for the first time in Nepal (earthquake relief)

  • 1938 - 1951 Principal of Tri-Chandra College

  • Organizing Sanskrit education and their examination in Nepal and getting them recognized

  • Post Rana rule Secretary in the Ministry of Education

  • Organized the National Cadet Corps for  senior school and college students.

  • Director of Department of Archaeology

  • Chairman of Nepal Education Reform Commission

  • Election Commissioner

  • 1954 Vice Chancellor of Tribhuvan University

  • Setting up of institutions like CENAS, CEDA, construction and utilization of student hostels, faculty buildings, start of postgraduate study in Science, utilization of international academicians and researchers in different faculty, setting up of health center for student etc.


    Roopmati, the first Nepali original novel which vividly depicted the social culture, values and scenario of Nepali society. Till date it remains the single most popular novel in Nepali literature. It has been translated in Urdu and English and has also been televised. Interest has been expressed to make a film on large screen.

    Chappakazi depicting the life of the kith and kin of the ruling feudal establishment. 

    Prayaschitta, a psychological novel.

    Prem, a psychological novel.

    Navaratna citing examples of the Rajput heros and heroines filled with nationalism and sacrifice. After 1950, the acts of bravery of Nepali heroes were also included.

    Hamro Gaurav and Hamro Nepal were published which depict the glory and sacrifice of Nepali heroes and heroines.

    History of India for Ancient and Maedival periods

    History of England

    Isapaniti Katha

    Bal Ramayan

    Bal Krishna ko Charitra

    Nepal Azad Sangh

    vis a vis

    Nepal Sandhe Sangh ,a drama filled with humour. It depicts the bulls who are interested to open a party to perpetuate their self-interest above anything else. The true democrats are confused and a state of anarchy sets in. Alas! the situation still prevails!!

    Narmada Tat ke Brahmarshi

    Ishwar Praptike Sadhan

    Santa Darshan

    'Her-pher' posthmously in 1998.